Our Mission


Our mission is to create a sanctuary for women to heal, grow and serve.

The first floor of this 1877 estate house, located in downtown Lynn Massachusetts, has been transformed into a women’s ministry center! Our goal is to provide a space for women to have a safe and loving community knowing that they are loved unconditionally.

This gorgeous and tranquil multi-purpose space was created for women to come and be inspired, motivated, creative and empowered. The resources provided will allow for them to be supported and give them opportunities to serve the community around them.

We strive to give an opportunity of networking and personal growth to every woman who walks through our doors, to be able to reach their highest potential and discover their calling.

We would love for you to join us as we embark on this new journey, and keep our new ministry in your prayers as we aim to bring hope to the hopeless and set captives free!

“The mansion is a place of comfort, connection, unity and peace. Women are shown unconditional love regardless of the challenges and adversities they face.”


“At the mansion I am able to connect with other women in the community that love me, understand me and support me in my life. It is a safe, comfortable place for women to interact and pray together.”